Friday, March 23, 2012

Plywood Boxes for Shelving

I designed these boxes using SketchUp so they would fit perfectly onto my new shelf.
I used 12mm plywood for the front and sides, predrilled all holes, tried out my new countrersink bit and used glue and screws to secure the sides together.

I tacked the thinner 6mm bottom on using nails and glue. I can now confirm that laughing at Dad hitting his thumb with the hammer was a mean thing to do and it really does hurt!!

The handle is two holes drilled in and rope threaded through and knotted at the back.

I then deliberated as to whether I could be bothered to paint them and the answer was "no!" so I covered the front with some wrapping paper using old school glue that you used to have at school but I didn't have one of those tiny spatulars unfortunately and had to make do with a paintbrush!

Here they are in their rightful home!

They might even get some sort of labelling so I can write what's in them and don't have to peek inside everytime I want to find something!

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