Saturday, March 17, 2012

Table Vase

I saw this great idea on Pinterest and decide to copy it!!

I got given this cupboard from work when we moved into fancy new offices and upgraded all the furniture. It's a good sturdy cupboard but looked very "officey". Here's a before picture as I was just about to start painting it and remembered to quickly take a snap:

I taped off the edges, primed it and then painted it the same blue as the bottom half of my walls. I also gave it a topcoat of varnish as I tend to bash my furnture around a bit and didn't want the paint chipping!
I didn't want so much space taken up on the shelving below with the vase, so used much smaller jars courtesy of a guy from work who eats different sandwich spreads of various interesting colours!
I wanted 3 "vases" as an odd number always looks better somehow, so I measured my cabinet and then made 3 marks evenly spaced.
I drilled into the counter and sanded off any rough edges.
I then drilled though the lid of the jar and lined up the two holes and screwed the jar lid to the underside of the cabinet.

You then just have to fill the jar with water, stick a flower in the hole and you're done!
I also have some pretty fake red gerberas for when I don't have any real flowers on the go!

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