Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Anyone Fancy a G&T?

My lovely little brother moved to the big, bad streets of London last week and is now living with 2 uni friends whose names convieniently start with the letters G and T (if that's not a good combo to live with, I don't know what is!). Anyway, I made him some scrabble letter cushions to spell out his name - TOM - for his birthday and he has asked me to make some for his new pals, gin & tonic ... or Greg and Thom as they probably prefer to be called!
I forgot to take any photos of my little creations before sending them to Tom, so this is the perfect opportunity to showcase my work!
I used material left over from our curtains, but if I didn't have this hanging around then I would have just bought a cheap dropcloth from a DIY store to save the pennies!
I wanted the cushions to be 45x45cm, as this is a standard size of most cushions and Scrabble pieces are square!
I cut the material about 48x100cm so I cound fold the hem back and still have room to fit the cushion in.
I then folded the material and folded the hems back and ironed them in place
I then used lockstitch and very slowly went round from the top of one side where the hole for stuffing the cushion is, all down one side until I reached where the material was folded down. I did the same for the other side and was left with a basic cushion cover.
I bought some simple buttons, cut slits in the material and sewed in buttonhole stitch (wondering all the time when I'm going to invest in my first sewing machine!). I turned the cushion cover out so it was facing the right way, made marks where the buttons should go and then attached them.

Now the fun bit...
I printed out scrabble letters to the right size using a great website called Block Posters and inserted them in the cushions.

I then drew the letters and Scrabble points very lightly on in pencil, put a piece of card in the middle of the cushion so the fabric paint didn't leak through to the other side and then painted on the design in black. I sealed the paint by ironing on it.
Hope you appreciate my hard work, Tom!!

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