Saturday, March 17, 2012

Chalkboard Paint

When painting the office, I decided I wanted one wall that was chalkboard paint so I could write reminders for the month on the wall.

Chalkboard paint is actually really expensive to buy and I wanted it in the same colour as my other office walls, so just decided to make my own!

I mixed 2 cups of latex paint with 2 tablespoons of non-cement grouting (that was conveniently left over from when the tile fitters did the kitchen splashbask!) really well until there were no lumps.
I then painted the wall in the same way as the other walls in the office. The key was to make sure it was all covered in a thin layer and not slapped on too thickly.

Once it was dry, I lightly sanded the whole wall with 120 grit sandpaper.

I then "cured" the wall by rubbing chalk all over it and then wiping it off with a wet cloth.

I can now write down what's happening for the month and hopefully not miss another birthday, as I have a nasty habit of doing!

So, now if I look at my wall I've got my half marathon run and then have to call mum to say Happy Mother's Day!

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