Monday, March 19, 2012

Bathroom Shelving

Well, the search seemed to be going on for what felt like forever - why are there no nice bathroom cabinets out there with integrated lighting that don't cost a complete fortune?? Not in my neck of the woods anyway!
Like with so many things, I think, "for that amount of money, I could just make my own!"

We had seen quite a few nice reasonably-priced mirrors with lighting in, so I decided to whip up some shelving to go next to the one we ended up buying.

I saw this great idea on Pinterest and decided to adapt it to fit into our bathroom.

I bought some planks of wood from the DIY store, cut them to size, stained them the same chestnut wood colour as the branch towel rails that are also in this bathroom and sealed them with a clear varnish finish.

Here's the man of the moment drilling the holes for the rawl plugs:

Here's everything attached to the wall but without the rope in.

 The shelves are attached to the wall with L brackets and the ropes are attached to the wall with eye hooks and run through the shelves with flemish knots tied underneath. They are purely decorative and do not offer any support to the shelves themselves. I singed the ends with a lighter to stop them fraying too.

To make sure things are kept neat and tidy we will probably get some baskets on the go or something but, for now, we'll show off our wears ... such as the most amazing mouth wash ever ... seriously ... try it!

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