Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cleaning Cupboard

Here comes my second cupboard to sit next to the storage cupboard in the cellar.
This cupboard is to hold cleaning stuff, e.g. ironing board, hoover, bucket, mop ... that type of thing.

The cupboard is very similar to the other one I've made, so won't bore you with the details of how I made this one!

The differences are that this cupboard only has one shelf to hold the iron and will possibly be a storage area for cleaning products or something and it also has a normal hook on the side so the ironing board can hang clean off the bottom of the floor taking up as little room as possible.
The door front is also different. I bought a ceiling medallion (or what ever they're called!) that is just polestyrene so is super light. I glued it to the middle of the door and then attached the door knob in the middle of it and painted everything the same colour - a nice purplish colour! I think it looks really nice with the white door knob.

Sorry about the dire photo quality too - they were all taken in the cellar with no natural light!

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Necklace T-Shirt

I made this t-shirt for my future sister-in-law's birthday and here's how I did it...

I started off with a t-shirt, black fabric paint, a paintbrush, a pen, thread and a pink ribbon

I used the tip of the paintbrush dipped in the fabric paint to do the beads on the smaller necklace and the end of a pen for the bigger beads.

I dipped the implements in the ink and stamped them on. I then ironed over them to seal them.

To finish the t-shirt off, I sewed on a ribbon to give it a little pop of colour.

I hope she likes it!

The ribbon is just attached with a little bit of thread so it can be easily removed

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Baby T-Shirt with Tie

This is the final t-shirt I'm making for my friend's baby due this month.

I got a cheap onesie from H&M and had material left over from making my cork message boards

Here's how I did it:

Draw out tie shape on slightly stiffer material to make it easier to sew the material onto the onesie (I used some left over material from our blinds upstairs)

Cut out tie knot and tie pieces separately

Cut material slightly larger than the pieces, fold it round the templates making nice sharp edges and glue it at the back

Sew tie onto the onesie using lockstitch

I used ribbon I had lying around (who am I kidding, it was neatly wrapped up in one of my boxes on my craft shelf!!) for making a pair of braces and sewed them directly onto the onesie leaving a little gap where I threaded on a metal washer and then carried on sewing so the ring is on the ribbon but can be turned round.

Can't decide which one is my favourite yet - anyone have any opinions??