Friday, March 23, 2012

Wrapping Paper Shelf

I wanted somewhere to put all my crafty stuff and wrapping paper that currently just lives in a big box that you have to trawl through every time you want something. Now I'm practically a fully-fledged German, I like things in order and everything to have its own home! Oh Mum, bet you wish I'd been like this when I was younger!! I suppose I had to learn to fend for myself now that I no longer have a little brother I can pay to tidy my room!

I got the idea for this shelf from Ana White's website and designed it to fit in my room using SketchUp. I got all the wood cut directly where I bought it.

To hold the dowel rods where the wrapping paper hangs, I cut holes the size of the dowels at equal distances across a piece of wood and then used my jigsaw to cut out a diagonal line so the dowels don't just roll out.

I attached all the pieces using glue and screws. I used a coutersink bit before screwing in the screws so I can fill the holes in and hide them when painted. The dowel rods are just sitting in the holders so you can change wrapping paper when ever you want.

Here it is all made up and outside ready to get primed

Here's all the holes filled in and sanded over

I also attached some hooks along the bottom for scissors, ribbon, sellotape etc.

The shelf is just attached by using dowels and screws directly into the shelf at the top as the screws are hidden by the boxes and at the bottom too, where I will paint over the screws in the same colour as the shelf to hide them a bit more too.

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