Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Reversible Fleece Hat & Blanket

I wanted to make a nice, personal present for my friend's baby's first birthday and came up with the idea of a reversible hat and blanket for these cold winter months.
I used purple fleece for one side and a nice green cotton material with foxes on for the other side.
I started by using my daughter's head as a starting point (she's 6 months older but they're about the same size)! I measured the circumference of her head and the height that I wanted the hat. The hat is essentially just 6 pieces of material (2 hats consisting of 3 pieces).
I started with the dome cap section of the hat. I cut out a rectangle the circumferance of E's head 48cm and 12cm for the height of the hat, folded it concertina style into 4 bits and then snipped off the top bits so they looked like curved triangles but were still connected together.
I then cut a band the same length but 5cm height and then the ear flap section was 3cm ear flaps that were 4cm deep.
I measured E's forehead (10cm) and made sure the middle section of the band was that length before I freehanded the ear covers.
I then started with the domed section. Right sides together, I stitched the adjoing sides to make an inside out hat.
I then sewed the band to this dome, right sides together. Then I sewed the ear cover section to the band.
I did the same with the fleece material, so essentially had two hats.
I then slipped one hat inside the other with wrong sides facing, pinned the ears sections together turning in a little seam as I went. I then sewed carefull round the whole bottom edge making sure my seam was close enough to the edge to catch the two folded in materials.
I decided I wanted a chin tie with the hat too, so I cut a piece of fleece (20 x 5 cm), then cut it into 3 tails almost the whole length and then plaited the fleece strands together and tied a simple knot at the bottom with a couple of cms of fleece left at the bottom.
When I got to the ear flap section I was sewing shut, I simply slipped the fleece plait inside and sewed it shut.

For the blanket, I cut two pieces of material (1x1m), put right sides together and sewed it almost shut, apart from a little 5 cm gap. I then turned the material the right way and invisible stitch sewed up the gamp. To keep everything in place, I then sewed a seam around the entire edge of the blanket.
Here's some photos of the hat, the blanket and E modelling the hat!

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