Thursday, January 22, 2015

Comfy Toddler Trousers

You can make these trousers using any material, as long as you have some nice stretchy material for the waistband and ankle cuffs. I chose to make mine with a fine black cord and some stretch jersey purple material with white stars the same material I used to make E's dress).
Here are the material pieces ready and waiting:
4 legs (2 left/2 right) length 40cm, width top 17cm, crotch 21cm,bottom 14cm
2 ankle cuffs 27x17cm
1 waistband 43x17cm
4 pockets top 8cm, side 13cm, formed into 2 arcs
Pin the pockets right sides together, then sew the top and bottom arcs using a stretch stich and stretch needle. Turn right way out.

Then pin trouser legs right side together and sew down the outside leg.
Open out the trouser sections and pin the pocket on and sew along the longest outside arc.

Then pin the trouser sections together at where will be the front and back down to the crotch and sew together.
Pull the trousers sections so they are still right sides together, but look like a pair of trousers lying flat. Then pin the inside leg and sew it all together in one go.
Turn them the right way round and they are starting to look like a pair of trousers!
Fold the ankle cuff lengthways and sew along the longest open side. Then fold the material into itself so that you form a little cuff that has 2 folded sides at the top and 4 open sides at the bottom.
Now slip this onto the trousers and pin at the opening and sew together.

Flip them down and you now have your ankle cuffs done.
Do the same for the waistband, except make sure you fold the material in half widthways instead, join together and then pin to the top of the trousers and sew. Then just fold it back the right way when you're finished.
There you have it ... a simple pair of trousers!
 And here's my model who won't stay still modelling them!

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