Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Felt Food

For E's new kitchen I made her some felt food to go in her stocking at Christmas.

I cut out 2 circles from white felt and 1 smaller circle from yellow felt. I used my sewing machine to sew the yellow circle onto one of the white circles. I then stuffed a bit of cotton wool inbetween the two white circles and sewed them together one of top of each other.
I bought some plastic eggs that open from ebay so that E can crack her own eggs and fry them up in her frying pan!

Tea Bags
I cut out 2 tea bag shapes from white felt and sewed them together one on top of another leaving the top section open. I then filled the bag with green tea, slipped a length of ribbon in the top and then sewed it closed. I also cut 2 little squares in various different colours for the tags and sewed them together, enclosing the other end of the ribbon inside.
I made a simpe felt box for holding the teabags by cutting out a quick square box shape and then sewing all the edges shut.
They go perfectly with E's singing teapot and cups!

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