Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Repurposing a T-Shirt into a Dress

Have you ever bought a t-shirt for a toddler and then got annoyed when said t-shirt shrinks in the wash or their little tummy is just too pot-bellied to fit into it properly or they spill food on it and stain it, or any of the above?! Well, I decided to take that t-shirt, cut it up and make it into a dress.

I cut the t-shirt to the length I wanted it (leaving an extra couple of cms for the hem).
I then measured the width of the opening at the bottom of the t-hirt where I had just cut and multiplied that by 2. This then gave me the width of the fabric for the skirt section. I wanted the skirt to finish below the knee so there's growing room, so I also measured that length.

Measurements for Ella (19 months old):

I then changed my sewing machine setting to the loosest stich setting and sewed a row across the width of the skirt material at the top where the t-shirt will be attached leaving a long thread at the beginning and end so I had lots of space for size adjustment.
I then gathered the skirt from one side, gradually moving the bunching material along until I had gathered the skirt to be the same length as the t-shirt opening.
I changed my sewing machine back to the normal setting and sewed a row of stitching just below the gathers to set them in place.
I then attached the two width pieces of skirt right sides together and joined them using zigzag stictch to close the skirt.
I then cut the material so there was only 1cm hem at the top and matched the t-shirt to the skirt, pinning it so it lined up together.
I then sewed zigzag stich to join the two pieces of material.

I then folded the hem up and folded that over again and then used a double needle to sew a quick hem around the bottom.

The belt was made by cutting out a rectangle twice the length of the width of the skirt and 12cm wide. I folded the material lengthways and sewed down one width side and one length side. I then turned the material out the right way and sewed the final width side closed.
I attached the belt by sewing a line all along the top and bottom of the belt but stopped at the sides so that it's only attached to the front of the dress.

 Here's E modelling the goods!

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