Friday, February 28, 2014

Jelly Fish Baby Body

Ella really loved playing with the button on the elephant top that I made her, so thought she'd enjoy a top with even more going on that she can play with.

I cut out 2 pieces of material for the jelly fish body, turned them right sides facing, sewed round the shapes leaving the bottom section open. I then turned it the right way out.

I inserted a piece of thicker material in the middle so that the outer material won't go baggy like it did a bit with the elephant top I did. You can use anything really. I used a bit of old Ikea blind that we've got left over!

I then got 2 coordinating colours of ribbon, folded them in half and tucked them into the open body of the jelly fish. I then sewed round the entire body and sewed on some buttons for the eyes.

Ella likes to play with the buttons and the dangly legs!

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