Friday, August 17, 2012

Light in a Jar!

I made these for my friend Thomas' birthday to scatter around his garden and patio.


  • Glass jar with swing-top lid (can get them at Ikea or any DIY store in the jam-making section near the gardening bits and bobs!)
  • Frosted glass spray (I got mine off ebay)
  • Glue
  • Solar lights for the garden
First I disassembled the solar lights. They were on a cane to stick in the ground and I just unscrewed the top of the light.

Tape off the top of the jar with masking tape and add newspaper so the paint won't go everywhere.

Lightly spray the frosted glass in even layers into the jar directly.

Glue the solar panel section to the inside of the lid (the lid has been left without frosted glass so it can charge up properly).

Let it charge up in the sun and then enjoy it in the evening - easy peasey!

It emits a really nice soft light that looks like you have a slice of moon trapped in your jar! Will have to make some for my garden too!

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