Sunday, July 01, 2012

Drawer Cupboard

So, here's the last installment in my cupboards built and now there really is no excuse for not having a neat and organised cellar (does it meet your high standards, Thorsten?!).

This cupboard is the same design as the cleaning cupboard and tools cupboard but is full of pull out drawers made out of plywood. This now sorts out the madness that was all my screws, nails, fiddly little things etc. that were previously just thrown together in one heap.

The drawers are made in the same way as the boxes I made for my craft shelf.
I used 12mm plywood for the sides and 6mm for the bottom.
All holes were predrilled, countersunk, screwed and the bottom is nailed and glued to the box.
I cut a notch out of the front of the boxes using a jigsaw to make them easier to pull out.

They are just on a really simple drawer slide that I made myself.
I screwed pieces of wood to the sides of the cupboard and then rubbed a candle over the tops of them so the drawers would slide more easily.
This mechanism is hidden by a piece of wood that is glued to the door frame and slides.
I also added a bit of wood as a stopper to the back of the drawer so you don't pull it out too energetically and it comes crashing down on you!

I finished the drawers by painting the fronts with chalkboard paint so that you can easily see what's where!

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