Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Top Gun Aviators Baby T-Shirt

My friend is expecting her baby boy next month, so I thought I'd get on top of issues and make the little bambino some t-shirts!

First up is the Top Gun special!
I had some t-shirt transfer paper lying around from somewhere and printed out an image of aviator sunglasses I found on Google images on this special paper.

The tools needed: transfer paper with image printed on, t-shirt, baking paper, scissors, iron!

First I washed the t-shirt so there would be no shrinking once the print was on.
I then ironed it and followed the instructions on the transfer paper:
  • Print image
  • Cut out image
  • Put face up on t-shirt
  • Iron with greaseproof paper for a matt finish or silicon paper for a shiny finish (I used some Backpapier - baking paper) which we had on hand and can confirm that that turns the image into a matt finish
  • Let the print cool
  • Re-iron with the paper in between the image and the iron
  • Rewash
  • Re-iron
  • Done!
I'm actually considering making myself one, I love it so much!!

Here's the image printed on the special paper and cut out ready to go
With baking paper on ready to iron the transfer

The finished product!

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