Saturday, May 05, 2012

Guitar Baby T-Shirt

I saw this idea on Pinterest and thought that I could recreate it with some black and brown fabric paint.

I washed the t-shirt and ironed it first so there wouldn't be any shrinkage.

I then basically free-handed the image really lightly in pencil, put a piece of card in the t-shirt between the two layers of material so there wouldn't be any bleeding through and then just painted the guitar on!
I used masking tape to mark off where the frets go so they would stay white.

Once it had dried, I covered it in a tea towel and ironed it to seal the image in.

The dad of the baby this is for is a guitar player, so should hopefully like it!

Oh, I've also got a t-shirt for age 4-6 months so that the poor newborn doesn't always get its arm pulled out to be played as a guitar!


  1. It´s possible to bought this teeshirt ?

  2. Sorry, this was just a present for someone. I don't currently make anything to sell.

  3. How does the paint stand up to being washed? I think I might try my hand at this, too! Thank you for the details and pictures! :)

  4. As long as you set the paint by ironing on the reverse at a high heat, then it's fine to wash in the washing machine inside out up to 40°c.