Monday, January 16, 2012

Stencil Wallpaper

I came up with the crazy idea of painting wallpaper onto the wall. Glad I only decided to do the little downstairs toilet as it took quite a long time!
I cut out a stencil on card and drew round it onto the wall in pencil.

I then painted the background in blue and the pattern in grey. Here it is half finished:

I painted the frame of the mirror the same colour as the pattern and now declare this room finished!! Am really happy with how it turned out. Just need to get a lavender plant or something instead of the spider plant to match the walls.
I made some little heart-shaped soaps too and my lovely friend, Lyndall, gave us the white candle as a thank you for having her to stay gift. We haven't even lit it yet but because the room is so small, it smells lovely every time you open the door!

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