Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Washing Sorter

Ages ago when I was coming up with ideas of what shelving to have in the office, I decided I liked this idea:

Once I'd built the boxes out of plywood and painted them all, I decided they looked a bit cheap and nasty and it wasn't the look I was going for! The boxes ended up languishing in the cellar, while I went on the build this shelving instead:

I recently decided that I needed a washing sorter in the cellar, as I had just been throwing piles of dirty clothes on the floor (whites, colours and sports stuff) until the pile was big enough for a load and then they got bunged in the washing machine!
My thrifty self decided to take apart all the boxes that I had made and repurpose them into one big box with an open front and shelf brackets for holding 3 washing baskets.
This actually took quite a lot of time and next time I'd just pay the money for new wood!
Anyway, aren't things always easier in hind sight?!
So, I took all the boxes apart, made my measurements for the washing sorter to fit 3 washing baskets and then played a bit of Tetris trying to fit the pieces of wood I had into the shapes needed for the 5 pieces of wood needed for my washing sorter.
I then cut some pieces to size and fitted them all together using wood glue and screws.
I then attached the sides, top, bottom and back of my sorter together, spent an ages filling in all the holes and sanding it down and painting it!
I used scraps of wood and screwed them directly to the sides of the box to act as gliders for the washing baskets to rest on.
Not bad for a free project but a bit too time consuming for my liking!

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