Sunday, October 09, 2011

Storage Step

We have finally moved upstairs to our brilliant new bedroom! Every time I walk upstairs I smile. I love it so much!
Anyway, we have a section of the room that is a walk-in wardrobe and have got shelves that go right up to the ceiling. We wanted a sort of mini ladder to be able to reach up there ... et vĂ²ila ... the storage step was born!

I measured the height of a chair and built it according to those measurements. I designed the step using SketchUp and built it with spruce wood bought with a handy 19% VAT discount and then put it all together with pockethole screws.
I primed it, painted it white and turquoise and then sealed it with a varnish. I also added some rubber step covers so we don't slip!

Not sure what to put in the storage bit yet ... will have to get my thinking cap on!

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