Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Shoe Rack

Here's the shoe rack I built as my first wood project! I designed it to fit exactly into the little niche in our hallway using a free designing tool SketchUp.
It's really easy to use and gives you a great idea of whether something will work or not.

I built the shoe rack at a woodwork shop in town. It's a great idea - it's basically a centre which offers loads of activities you can do where there is someone on hand to show you what to do and then you get on with your project. You pay a couple of Euros for the evening and can then use all the tools etc.
Here it is drying clamped together in the woodshop!

I made this project with cheapo spruce wood and a biscuit joining method. It's so sturdy! We sit on it all the time to put our shoes on.
I painted it white with the shelf bottoms in the same blue as the dandelions on the wall so that a) you can't see grubby shoe marks and b) it fits in with the blue and white hallway theme. I'm sure it would cost loads to have a carpenter make a custom rack!

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